Visit Breeders Avenue during FlowerTrials

The excitement is building up for FlowerTrials® 2024! At Breeders Avenue you can expect innovations you have never seen before. Schoneveld Breeding is expanding the product range with NEW products. Below you can find 5 reasons why to visit.

Illusia F1

Illusia F1 is launched, the unique flower shape makes this a very striking and attractive product. It feels as if the flower is looking at you! Details, like the little beard in the flower, make it a joy to look at. Illusia F1 is available in one colour combination ‘Light with Eye’ and for a 10,5 or 12 cm pot (12 cm preferred).

  • Innovative & unique
  • One of a kind flower shape
  • One colour combination: Light with Eye

Gerbera jamesonii Joybera F1

Schoneveld Breeding developed a completely NEW line Pot Gerbera. Resulting in 8 stunning colours with amazing features. Joybera is the #1 most uniform Gerbera in growing and flowering in the market. The plant gives 3 flowers at first shot in combination with an amazing shelflife 

  • Potsize 12 -15 cm
  • #1 Most uniform in growing & flowering
  • 3 flowers @first shot
  • Amazing shelf life

Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion F1

Cyclamen Super Serie Fusion F1 is available in midi and large flowered. Fusion has flowers with an extraordinary colour type, the so called two-tone. The pattern exists of two different colours in the same flower separated by a sharp line. The Fusion F1 Midi is suitable for the summer until autumn. The Fusion F1 Large is suitable for the autumn until winter.

Large flowered Cyclamen

Leopardo, Mammoth NextGen and Vintro, that’s the trio covering all seasons. The Super Serie Leopardo F1 is a heat tolerant serie. It is easy to grow and best for summer cultivation. The Super Serie Mammoth NextGen F1 is best for autumn cultivation. It is the next generation Mammoth, therefore earlier in flowering. The cold tolerant Super Serie Vintro F1 is best for winter cultivation. It has very large flowers and is less sensitive to Botrytis. 

Heat tolerant Cyclamen

Heat tolerant Cyclamen Super Serie are available in mini, midi and large. In mini we offer our easy to grow Verano F1, the #1 mini-Cyclamen. In midi, besides Allure F1, we’re adding the NEW Super Serie Elegante F1. It is extreme uniform and has a compact plant habit. In large flowered we offer Super Serie Leopardo F1. It is the #1 heat tolerant large type Cyclamen.

Visit us

You can visit us at Breeders Avenue:
Mijnsherenweg 23
1433 AP Kudelstaart
The Netherlands

You can register online via FlowerTrials

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