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Here at Schoneveld we work to bring our customers the entire package. Our service does not end at breeding and delivering high quality seeds. It is also about the service after the sale and the support our team provides with scheduling and technical advice.

To make it easy on for our growers, here is an overview of the Schoneveld team and their role within the company. This way, all of your questions can be answered quickly.

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Added Value

Supplying high quality seeds is our core business, but we don’t stop there. We create added value for our chain partners by developing sustainably grown products and contributing to strong product-market combinations. We work together with the entire chain, with the grower as the centerpiece, which we support with cultivation, marketing and sales advice.

Who are you looking for?

Director / Owner

Peter van de Pol

As the son of a farmer, Peter van de Pol leads Schoneveld Breeding with the interests of its chain partners in mind. The focus is on strong products that can be grown sustainably and surprise the consumer. Schoneveld Breeding distinguishes itself as a family business by its contact with the entire chain to jointly put down the best products and achieve the highest possible market return for all partners.

Email: petervandepol@schoneveld.nl

Area managers

Our area managers connect Schoneveld Breeding with the local market. They know the language and culture and have a great deal of knowledge on their specific region, such as climate conditions, market demands, etc. They are supported by our sales support to deliver the right seeds quickly and efficiently. By maintaining regular contact with the growers together with our techincal advisors, they offer support in achieving maximum results and commercial turnover.

Huub van Oorspronk – Area manager Asia & Middle East

Huub is responsible for the regions of Asia, Middle East, Oceania and Africa. Huub regularly organizes technical seminars alongside our technical advisors. These tools work to increase cultivation and market yields , from seed distributors to young plant producers to the finish growers.

Email: huubvanoorspronk@schoneveld.nl

Dinja Lankhorst – Area manager North & Central Europe

Dinja is the link and connecting factor between Schoneveld Breeding and young plant growers and producers throughout Northern, Eastern and Central Europe. She is in-the-know with her region. She also has a lead role with our growers’ associations Addenda and Touch Me +.

Email: dinjalankhorst@schoneveld.nl

Gianfranco de Leo – Area manager South Europe

In Southern Europe, Gianfranco is the point of contact for the entire market. He assists young plant growers in the cultivation process and supervises a large number of technical production tests, including the development of heat tolerant varieties, in order to continue to provide the growers with the best products as possible.

Email: gianfrancodeleo@schoneveld.nl

Kathy McKay – Area manager North America

Kathy is the area manager for the United States, Canada, Central America and part of South America. As the face of Schoneveld NA, she is available for both cultivation and technical questions as well as information about planning, marketing and trials. Kathy is also the main contact for the broker network.

Email: kathymckay@schoneveld.nl

Jerry van der Spek – Area manager South America

Jerry guides young plant growers in South America to ensure they get the best varieties for their region and market. In cooperation with the techincal advisors, Jerry assists growers in cultivation and introduces new markets to the products of Schoneveld Breeding.

Email: jvanderspek@schoneveld.nl

Yi Zhao (Elliot) – Assistant area manager China

As an assistant to Huub van Oorspronk, Yi takes care of China. He is available for technical advice, marketing support and sales. Yi closely monitors tests and research and shows the breeding skills of Schoneveld Breeding through Chinese social media channels.

Email: yizhao@schoneveld.nl

Helene Daumas – Local area manager France

Helene supports Gianfranco de Leo by visiting and supporting young plant growers and growers in France.

Email: helenedaumas@schoneveld.nl

Sales support

Our internal sales department ensures that all orders are processed quickly and efficiently and is available for questions about the availability of seeds, deliveries and reservations. The internal sales department works closely  with our area managers.

Liza Braat – Thies – Sales support

Liza prepares and processes orders, invoicing, and has contact with our seed technology department regarding shipment of orders.

Email: lizabraat@schoneveld.nl

Catharine van den Bosch – Sales support

Catherine is responsible for the financial settlement, forecasting and inventory management and support of all area managers. She is also responsible for analyzing and processing orders.

Email: catharinevandenbosch@schoneveld.nl

Growing advice

The technical advisors of Schoneveld Breeding regularly visit the greenhouses of young plant producers and growers to advise on the cultivation of seedlings and flowering end products. Their work ensures grower gain the most out of our genetics. The crop advisors know, thanks to extensive internal tests and years of experience, how a crop can become successful and profitable.

Their support with crop schedules, prevention and control of diseases and pests and fertilization advice is an internal part of the Schoneveld commitment to our growers. The goal? A crop with the lowest possible environmental impact and the highest possible quality.

Nico de Haan – Growing supporter

As a bridge builder in horticulture, Nico knows the dynamics of the nursery industry. He is responsible for the regions of Northern Netherlands, Asia, Scandinavia and the Middle East regarding everything that happens in the greenhouse. Nico also works closely with the experimental breeding programs on developing new products.

Email: nicodehaan@schoneveld.nl

Ton Koers – Growing supporter

Ton has been a familiar face of Schoneveld Breeding for 45 years. His experience with cyclamen and the entire product group makes him an asset to the growers.  He works closely with the area managers to provide expertise and knowledge for Southern Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland and North and Central America.

Email: tonkoers@schoneveld.nl

Marco Persoon – Growing supporter

Marco works closely with growers on campanula and primula obconica programs. Geographically, the Westland and South America are focus areas. In the Westland, Marco can be on site quickly to take a look or monitor plants for research.

Email: marcopersoon@schoneveld.nl

Hay Lamers – Growing supporter

In addition to the south of the Netherlands, Hay regularly visits nursery companies in Eastern Europe and Russia. Hay knows all products, but focuses on Ranunculus, Primula acaulis and the new Gaultheria. He sends, gives tips and advises, both on request and pro-actively.

Email: haylamers@schoneveld.nl


The breeders of Schoneveld Breeding are always looking for ways to provide even better, stronger and more beautiful genetics. Their work has produced many high quality series. Not resting on their laurels, they continue to work on new levels of compactness, uniformity and durability. In addition, they look for areas of improving common issues with plants to increase ease in growing and sustainability. This team is at the center of what you have come to know and expect about Schoneveld genetics.

Gerard Zwiers – Manager breeding and research

Gerard is responsible for managing all aspects of the growing support and breeding departments. Gerard and his team provide thorough research, breeding and technical advice. Moreover, together with a team of researchers, he directs the molecular and cell biological laboratory to accelerate product development.

Email: gerardzwiers@schoneveld.nl

Stijn Megens – Breeder

Stijn is involved in small-flowered Cyclamen, Campanula and Primula obconica. He is in close contact with the technical advisors to optimize existing series in areas such as flowering, seed production and germination.

Email: stijnmegens@schoneveld.nl

Marleen Kusters – Breeder

Marleen is the leader for large-flowered Cyclamen, including the new and promising heat-tolerant Leopardo series, as well as the Ranunculus and Primula acaulis. She works closely with technical advisors to tackle concerns with these genetics and to monitor flowering trials.

Email: marleenkusters@schoneveld.nl

Sadrach Talahatu – Breeder

Within the breeding program of Schoneveld Breeding, Sadrach is involved in new crops such as Gaultheria and specialties. He is a solution based breeder working to not only develop new programs but also assist with common everyday concerns growers may face with plants.

Email: sadrachtalahatu@schoneveld.nl


Niels Zoetelief – Commercial director

As commercial director, Niels and his team are responsible for all partnerships of Schoneveld Breeding and is involved in product-market combinations. We are an internationally operating breeder with an extensive product range. The aim is to strongly market this with all chain partners.

Email: nielszoetelief@schoneveld.nl

Tamara Janssen – Product market coordinator

In her role as product market coordinator,  Tamara  organizes and manages all Schoneveld Breeding products throughout the entire life cycle. This ranges from data collection and reporting to product positioning, preparing introductions and supporting area managers to provide the entire chain with good products and strong service.

Email: tamarajanssen@schoneveld.nl

Anne Marie Kuyvenhoven – Sales support manager Touch Me+

As part of our mission to provide support and add value to our customers,  Anne Marie works with top growers who want to promote the Primula obconica under the name Sweet Kisses. She talks with retailers, attends consumer fairs and promotes the product. The long shelf life and colorful flowering are the biggest advantages of this unique winter bloomer.

Email: annemariekuyvenhoven@schoneveld.nl

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