You are very welcome to visit us at Flower Trials 2016!

We have a new location for the Flower Trials since last year. We will be in Flora Holland’s ‘Monsterkas’ / presentation room in Honselersdijk together with Selecta. You are very welcome to visit us.

– When you enter FloraHolland turn left immediately.
– Drive up the Fleuraduct and continue until you reach the top.
– Then turn right, to go up to the next level.
– Keep right, you will then see the entrance to ‘FloraHolland Connect’ and the special parking spaces for visitors to our FlowerTrials.
– Enter the building and take the lift one floor down to the ‘Monsterkas’ / presentation room.

Schoneveld Breeding @ Flower Trials 2015
Schoneveld Breeding
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